Chimney Chase Covers and Crowns

Chase covers and crowns are both used to seal the top of your chimney from the flue liner to the outer edge of the chimney and repel water away from the chimney walls. These essential elements are barely noticeable from the ground, but can cause terrible damage if left unchecked. If you experience water damage, rust stains, loose masonry, or critters in your chimney, you may need to repair or install a chase cover or crown.

Chase cover: A metal cover, often used on factory-built or prefabricated chimneys. Chase covers are typically replaced when damaged.

Crown: A concrete or cement-based cover used on masonry chimneys. Crowns can usually be repaired unless the damage is too severe.

Doctor Flue is an expert in chimney chase cover installation and chimney crown repair. Contact us online or call 1-800-438-3583 to discuss your options.

Chimney Chase Cover Installation

How do you know if you need a new chimney chase cover? Your first sign will be rust stains streaking down the side of your chimney and onto the roof. If you can see rust on the sides of the chase cover from ground level, chances are the top of the cover is already destroyed. Check out this short video for an example:

Once a chase cover fails, it allows water to get inside the chase and soak into wood or even drywall. This problem is commonly misdiagnosed as a leaky flashing or roof. Chase cover repairs are expensive and can compromise the integrity of the piece. We recommend replacing your cover if it’s damaged.

Replacement Chase Covers

A proper chase cover should be elevated at the center to shed water away from the flue. Its skirt should have a drip edge to guide the water off and away from the chimney walls.

We can replace your existing chase cover with two different options, each with a lifetime warranty:

  1. Stainless Steel, with an optional powder coat
  2. Copper

When you call, we’ll discuss all of your options to determine the best choice for your home.

Results From the Field: Chase Cover Installation

“Just wanted you to know how much Liz and I appreciate all that you have done for us. Your guys have shown that you are a top-notch company to deal with in every way. Please let everyone at DR Flue know how much we appreciate all the help that was given to us throughout this entire process.” – Mike Roberts

Chimney Crown Repair and Installation

How do you know if your chimney crown is damaged? The first signs of a faulty chimney crown are loose masonry and/or mold growth on the walls of the chimney. A cracked or deteriorated crown allows water into the chimney. As the water expands, it can break apart brick and mortar causing more extensive damage and even possible leaks into your home. Depending on the severity of the damage, your crown can be repaired or replaced.

A cracked chimney crown in need of repair with a Doctor Flue truck in the background.

Chimney Crown Repair

If your chimney crown is slightly cracked or deteriorated, we may be able to save it. First, we’ll remove any loose debris and mold to allow a strong bond between the repair materials and the existing crown. Once the surface is completely clean, we’ll fill the cracks and coat the surface with a flexible sealant that adjusts through the freeze and thaw cycle without cracking.

Chimney Crown Installation

A proper crown sheds water off the chimney and down onto the roof. It’s also thick enough not to crack and recede away from the edge of the brick, and has a bond around the flue tile for expansion. There are a few options to properly install a chimney crown, but our most popular is Doctor Flue's "Floating Concrete Crown."

A damaged chimney crown before and after a new crown installation.

Doctor Flue’s “Floating Concrete Crown” is a game-changer. It isn’t bonded in any way to the chimney, thus allowing the crown and chimney to expand and contract separately. Your chimney will be secure from the freeze/thaw cycle and any other type of weather penetration for years to come. If you think you need a new chimney crown, contact the experts at Doctor Flue, inc.

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