Wood Fireplaces

Wood fireplace adds warmth.  Design by Valcourt.

A crackling fire, dancing yellow-orange flames, the scent of pine and cedar; nothing compares to a real wood fire. A fireplace can transform your home into a place of warmth, beauty, and comfort, and in a way that melds perfectly with the look and feel of your decor. But today’s fireplaces offer so much more than ambiance; a modern fireplace also provides a practical way to heat your home.

Sales & Installation of Wood Fireplaces

If you’d like to add comfort and warmth to your home, we can help! Doctor Flue, inc.® offers a very large selection of wood fireplaces. You’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

We also offer fireplace installation services for our clients in Michigan and Ohio.

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Wood Fireplaces: Products

Check out these stunning Wood Fireplaces offered by Doctor Flue, inc.®:

Valcourt Wood Fireplaces

The Fireplace of Your Dreams

Wittus Wood Fireplaces

Fire by Design

Renaissance Fireplaces

Clean Doesn't Mean Compromise

RSF Woodburning Fireplaces

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Valcourt Wood Fireplaces

The Fireplace of Your Dreams

Kozy Heat Fireplaces

Zero Clearance Fireplaces

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