Ann Arbor Chimney Repair: Regulations and Considerations


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Ann Arbor Chimney Repair

With another Michigan winter almost behind us, it’s likely that your fireplace and chimney have seen their fair share of use. Over time, it’s natural for some common problems to arise such as a leaky chimney or damaged chimney caps, crowns or covers. Pay close attention if you’re an Ann Arbor resident; chimney repair is considered mandatory maintenance of your property!

That being said, if you live in Ann Arbor and are looking for a company to assist you with chimney repairs, it’s important to hire someone with a thorough understanding of the City of Ann Arbor’s code of ordinances.


Ann Arbor Chimney Repair: Regulations

Ann Arbor chimney and fireplace regulations are buried deep within thousands of other regulations and ordinances making it nearly impossible to find exactly what you need to know when contracting work on your chimney or fireplace.  But don’t fret, Doctor Flue is here to help with expert knowledge and years of experience working with the City of Ann Arbor ordinances.

If you live in a historic property, Ann Arbor’s Historic Preservation Ordinance warns against “demolition by neglect.” The phrase is used to describe a situation in which a property owner allows a historic property to deteriorate in an effort to evade preservation regulations. If the city finds a property owner culpable of “demolition by neglect,” it can require repairs at the cost of the owner.

The city may find that a resource is being demolished by neglect if any of the following criteria are met: Fireplaces or chimneys that “list, bulge or settle due to defective material or deterioration” or fireplaces or chimneys that “are of insufficient size or strength to carry imposed loads with safety.” You can avoid these pitfalls by scheduling an appointment with Doctor Flue now, ahead of the next cold season. We offer Ann Arbor residents thorough inspections of chimneys as well as a variety of repair services and replacement parts.


Ann Arbor Chimney Repair: Considerations

We’ve established that it’s important to maintain chimney safety and standards, but there are a few additional things you might want to consider. If you’re like most Ann Arbor residents, you consider yourself “green” and make a conscious effort to reduce your impact on the environment. Doctor Flue, inc. does, too!

Doctor Flue, inc. on Saving Our Trees:

Gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts are a great alternative to wood-burning systems. They eliminate the need for tracking down wood to burn, which saves you time and helps maintain the natural beauty of Ann Arbor (maintaining its deserved “Tree Town” nickname). In addition, replacing your wood-burning system with a gas-powered system lowers your carbon output, helps maintain the integrity of your chimney, and will likely raise the value of your home.

Doctor Flue, inc. on Going Green:

Doctor Flue, inc. is committed to decreasing our impact on the environment and helping others do the same. We strive to provide the most advanced environmentally friendly products and services available. Here are some of the most popular “green” products we provide:

  • Lock-top sealing dampers that prevent unnecessary heat loss
  • Highly efficient gas inserts that use minimal fuel for maximum heat output
  • EPA Certified wood stoves and inserts that produce 75% less pollution than traditional fireplaces
  • Earth Flame wood and gas grates that produce twice the radiant heat of traditional cast iron grates

Doctor Flue, inc. also employs a number of environmentally-friendly tactics to reduce the pollution caused by our day-to-day business operations. We save thousands of pounds of paper each year by storing almost all business paperwork and communications electronically. In addition, all information regarding your service appointment is stored electronically on a thumb drive we deliver at the end of your appointment. This includes:

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Scope of the service we provided
  • Results of the service provided
  • Product information
  • Educational materials

We also provide consultation to homeowners regarding the type of fuel they should burn (wood, coal, gas, oil or pellet), the correct appliances that accommodate the proper fuels, and how to burn fuel safely and efficiently. Going green helps our valued customers preserve natural resources, reduce pollution, save money and assist others.


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