Don’t Let a Leaky Chimney Damper Your Spring Season

A leaky chimney can create quite the headache for households in Michigan and Ohio. Whether it’s in Ann Arbor, Columbus, or Toledo, home owners are plagued with this inconvenience. Repairs can also take a toll on your pocketbook! Unfortunately, if you don't have your chimney inspected annually as a preventative measure, a leaky chimney is a problem that cannot be avoided.

Why So Many Leaky Chimneys in the Midwest?

Leaky chimneys can occur frequently throughout Michigan and Ohio. These states accumulate a good deal of precipitation due to the close proximity of the Great Lakes. A home owner might assume the water damage is coming from a roof leak when in fact there is a greater chance it is a leaky chimney. Why? It's simple, construction methods. Chimneys are made of more porus materials than a house roof and is more susceptible to water.

Lack of Maintenance Can Lead to A Leaky Chimney

The number one cause of leaky chimneys is the degradation of the flashing. The flashing is the material applied around the chimney where it meets the roof to prevent water run off from entering through cracks. Another common cause of leaky chimneys is the use of porous bricks. This type of brick leads to the absorption of water into the chimney and during the winter, the freeze-thaw cycle causes the brick to break apart from the mortar joint.

Freezing and thawing causes a gap where water can enter the chimney structure. This moisture in turn is grabbed by gravity and pulled downward behind the flashing at the roof line. It then enters the attic, and then into the walls of the home.

Chimney leakage usually occurs during the late fall through the rainy spring season. In order to prevent a leaking chimney, the best course of action is to take preventative measures. Regular maintenance and check-ups for your chimney will ensure that leaks do not occur.

If you are experiencing a leaky roof, remember it could be your chimney that is leaking. Contact Doctor Flue immediately, and have one of our expert Chimney Doctors come out and expect your leaky chimney, and solve your problem. A leaky chimney in Michigan or Ohio is no way to spend this Springtime season.

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