Enhance your Fireplace with a Custom Enclosure by Stoll Fireplace

Stoll Fireplace EnclosureAt Doctor Flue, we want to ensure that your fireplace is not only clean, but a beautiful and functional fit for your home. This guest blog from Stoll Fireplace, Inc. highlights the different ways you can give your fireplace a “facelift” with Stoll enclosures, doors, screens, and accessories.

In business since 1969, Stoll Fireplace, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fireplace enclosures and accessories for all types of fireplace styles. Stoll offers a wide variety of facelift options to update the look of your fireplace and will make it the center of attention in any room. Constructed from steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, Stoll’s enclosures are designed to last! Plus, they’re extremely durable, and can be finished with unique textures and high-quality colors, overlays, or finishes.

Stoll makes it easy to select, and even design, your own fireplace facelift that will compliment any décor and fit any size hearth. If you can imagine it, Stoll can probably build it! Stoll uses Computer Aided Design (CAD) and high-speed laser cutting machinery to create high-quality, custom pieces to fit any budget. If you have a factory-built fireplace, Stoll offers a wide variety of accessories designed specifically to fit the measurements of your fireplace.

So what are the benefits of a fireplace enclosure? In addition to updating the look of a room, a well-fitted fireplace enclosure can provide money-saving and safety benefits. An enclosure reduces heat loss and blocks cold air from coming in through the chimney. Mesh screens increase fireplace safety by acting as a barrier between the burning, sparking wood and homeowners and glass doors help prevent warm air loss up the chimney when a fire burns out.

Stoll's Aged Iron, Plated Antique Copper EnclosureStoll also offers a variety of other fireplace accessories to increase safety and ease-of-use including tool sets, log holders, hearth centers, fireplace grates, and more. For homeowners located in colder areas, Stoll offers products to maximize the heat produced by the fire such as grate heaters and heat exchanger systems.

Whether you want to give your fireplace a fresh look or simply make your fire-building experience more enjoyable, contact Doctor Flue today to explore your fireplace facelift options. As Stoll states, “Give your fireplace the attention it deserves. A beautiful fireplace is the heart of the home.”

Learn more about Stoll Fireplaces at www.stollfireplace.com.

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