Anatomy of Your Fireplace

Fireplace InstallationTypes of Fireplaces

There are two basic types of fireplaces:  masonry and factory-built.  There are hybrid fireplaces, too, but these are the two general types.  It's important for you, as a homeowner, to know which type of fireplace is installed in your home.

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Masonry Fireplace

A masonry fireplace is made from bricks, blocks, or stone and mortar.

Factory Built Fireplace

A factory-built fireplace is made of metal:  a metal firebox and metal chimney.

The Parts of a Chimney

Chimney Cap:  A domed chimney addition.  A cap is a barrier between the chimney opening and nature - i.e. water and small animals.  It prevents rain, birds, squirrels, and other critters from entering your chimney.

Chase Cover:  This is a metal cover, which encases the chimney chase.  A chase cover protects the chimney from rain and debris.  Chase covers are made from stainless steel, galvanized steel, or copper.

Chimney Crown:  A concrete piece at the top of the chimney; sloped to deflect rainwater.  A crown seals the air between the chimney's outer walls and the flue liner.

Chimney Damper:  A damper is a set of doors, which can be opened or closed.  It is located at the top or bottom of the flue.  While closed, a damper increases energy efficiency, and protects your chimney from small animals and rain.

Flue:  The opening, or empty space, inside a chimney is called a flue.  A masonry chimney may contain more than one flue, if multiple appliances are connected to the chimney.  A factory-built chimney has only one flue.

Flue Lining:  A liner reduces the buildup of creosote inside the chimney, as well improves fire burning performance, and makes cleaning easier.

Smoke Chamber:  The smoke chamber is positioned below the chimney flue, and above the damper.  The walls of the smoke chamber slope, helping to compress combustion byproducts.

Smoke Shelf:  A smoke shelf is located behind the chimney damper.  The smoke shelf is flat, and prevents back drafts from expelling smoke into the home.

Hearth:  A hearth is made up of two parts:  the inner hearth and the outer hearth.  The inner hearth is where a fire burns; inside the fireplace.  The outer hearth is just outside the firebox.

Additional parts of a fireplace include the Ash Dump (and Ash Dump Door), the Ash Pit, Clean Out Door, Footing, and Foundation.

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