The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces for Your Home

A home with the benefits of an electric fireplace installed

When you think of your dream home, chances are you envision one with a cozy fireplace to sit around, basking in the glow. But not every home is built for a traditional fireplace – which meant you had to keep dreaming. Until now! The benefits of an electric fireplace mean homeowners of all types can add a beautiful new fireplace to their home without the stress, structure, and spending of a complete traditional fireplace installation.

What Is an Electric Fireplace?

Just as you might imagine based on the name, an electric fireplace is an electric heater that looks and heats like a real fireplace without all the byproducts! At a quick glance, you can easily mistake these new fireplaces for gas fireplaces, especially when they’re placed in an existing firebox in your home.

Most importantly, an electric fireplace is built to produce heat for your home just like a real fireplace. So in terms of form and function, it’s a great alternative to a traditional fireplace if you’re looking for an easy solution to a challenging installation!

What Are the Benefits of an Electric Fireplace?

They’re Easier to Install

One of the toughest parts of planning a new fireplace for your home is thinking about the installation. Not only can it be challenging to fit a fireplace into an existing home, especially when there isn’t one already, they’re very dangerous when installed incorrectly so you have to rely on a professional to get the job done.

Everything from a full wood-burning fireplace to gas inserts take some setup and require strict safety precautions to ensure your home is safe every time you use them. While electrical fireplaces need to be installed safely as well, they’re by far the easiest ones to install.

More importantly, they can go anywhere. For homeowners that have always dreamed of having a fireplace but couldn’t fit one (and didn’t want the downsides of a ventless gas fireplace), an electric fireplace is the perfect solution. They look and feel so real that you’ll be just as happy as if you had a complete wood or gas model installed, but without the time and cost investment of those models.

No Fumes to Worry About

We all know the dangers of fire, but one of the lesser appreciated risks of burning anything is the byproducts of combustion. Whether it’s gas or wood that’s being burned, smoke or chemicals are released into the air that aren’t healthy to inhale.

While a modern fireplace kept in good condition won’t put your home at risk when used properly, an electric fireplace sidesteps these major concerns altogether. That means no risk of carbon monoxide in your home – which can be deadly!

The bigger consideration with the lack of fumes is that it means your installation doesn’t need a vent. This opens up the possibilities of where you can place your fireplace in your home, unlike traditional fireplaces that will need a chimney and flue to properly vent the gas or smoke they produce.

Easy Start & Control

Have you ever struggled to get a fire going in your wood-burning fireplace? It’s frustrating! You may try everything, from messing with the damper to burning through starter logs and nothing seems to work. All you want is a cozy fire to relax to, and instead you’re getting stressed out.

A major benefit of electric fireplaces is the simplicity of getting your fire going. It’s literally done with the push of a button! And most models give you incredible control over the fire itself. No more poking the logs, holding a lit newspaper to prime the flue, or any other hassles. Just get cozy, flip your fireplace on, and relax.

Safer to Use

Despite how real they look, the flames in an electric fireplace aren’t real. With no real fire comes a dramatic decrease in the risk for your home. After all, burning fires can be unpredictable. Especially when it comes to wood-burning fireplaces, errant sparks can lead nearby items catching fire and putting you in danger.

As mentioned earlier, without the risk of smoke or fumes as well, electric fireplaces simply don’t expose you to anything more than the minimal risk of an electrical fault. But as long as your fireplace is installed correctly and inspected regularly, the chances of an electric fireplace causing any risk to your home is far less than other types of fireplaces.

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