Environmentally-Friendly Bodart & Gonay Fireplaces

Bodart and Gonay fireplace installAs “green” environmentally friendly-built and remodeled homes increase in popularity, more people seek out green ways to heat their homes as well. Doctor Flue has a fantastic line of environmentally friendly heating options for you, manufactured by Bodart & Gonay.

About Bodart & Gonay

Bodart & Gonay is a Belgian company that is committed to green heating, and has been for over 50 years. The company designs and manufactures wood and gas burning stoves that combine the beauty of flame heat with maximum heat recovery and respect for the environment.

Why Bodart & Gonay?

Bodart & Goday fireplaces give your home a bright and friendly feeling without harming the world around you. All B&G fireplaces are equipped with either log burners or balanced flue gas that use innovative technology to bring you the finest in environmentally-friendly heating. With a Bodart & Goday fireplace, you know you are getting the very best.

Popular Models

With over 20 different models available, Bodart & Goday is sure to have a style to fit your budget and your décor. Popular models include:

Cosmos (double sided)

This double-sided design offers a stunning heating option that partitions off rooms with a real piece of fire-art. This model can be customized with white, grey, or black pebbles, and has the option of a decorative log kit for a “real fire” look.


The Infire breaks new boundaries in the ways in can control fire. The dimensions and performance is like no other and the size is perfectly suited for larger living spices. The Infire has a three sided frame and a nominal output of 14kw.


With its traditional desin, the Solaris is a versatile fireplace that can be adapted to any type of décor, from modern to classic. This built-in gas fireplace compliments any room with its changeable flame settings and the bottom can be manufactured with white, black, or grey stones, or ceramic logs to give the room that warm ember glow.


The crown jewel in the Bodart and Gonay line, the Phenix is a wood burning fireplace with complete green specifications. Revolutionizing the “retractable door” fireplace, the Phenix delivers high performance and premium effeciency. The innovative airwash system ensures that the fireplace will continue to give off that beautiful glow you love without harming the environment.

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Interested in learning more about Bodart and Gonay? Call Doctor Flue at 1-800-438-3583. You can also schedule an appointment online.  Our chimney inspection includes photos of the exterior and a video inspection of the lining and interior. Doctor Flue services Michigan and Ohio.

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