Fall Promotion for Valor G4 Legend Fireplaces

valor gas fireplace insert We have an incredible deal going on through November: If you purchase a Valor Legend G4 Gas Fireplace Insert, you are eligible for a deluxe burner upgrade at no charge! A deluxe burner upgrade allows you to experience our G4 Insert series. The Valor Legend G4 Insert is known as the “big brother” to our successful Legend G3 Insert series. The G4 is a great addition to our family of gas fireplace inserts, and we are proud of what it has to offer.

The Valor Legend G4 Insert features:

  • Distinct Design - Contemporary trims create the perfect frame, showcasing glowing embers and spectacular flames.
  • Radiant & Convected Heat - Engineered to maximize heat and supplies a continuous flow of radiant and naturally convected warm air.
  • Valor Dynamic Restrictor Technology - increases thermal efficiencies and automatically adjusts combustion air, maximizing fireplace performance in all conditions.
  • ValorStat Remote Control – allows you to adjust and program the desired temperature that you want. Timer and Thermostat mode help save energy and lower your home heating costs.
  • Valor SmartPilot System - automatically shuts down if there is no activity after five days, reducing unnecessary pilot gas consumption and saving energy.

Brick Chimney Liner

One great option to consider is a brick liner to go along with your new fireplace. Each liner includes a set of base bricks that cover the bottom of the firebed in order to provide safety and a great finish. Once the job is complete, you will notice that having a brick liner creates the ambiance you have been searching for. We encourage you to choose from our high- class selection of Valor Liners, including: Valor Red Brick, Ledgestone Liner, Black Enamel Liner, and Black Fluted Liner.

Ceramic Burners Special

Another perk to this fall promotion is that Legend G4 (model #785) Ceramic Burners are going for the same price as the model #780 Steel Burner. Our 785 model comes standard with a high definition log set and consists of two individual burning systems. To get the maximum heat you’ve searched for, try selecting both burners and adjust the flame size up and down to get the mood right. The 785 model is available in log only but the good news is that the 780 model is available in log or rock with driftwood.  The fuel bed is controlled by simply using your ValorStat Max handheld controller. This controller comes standard with your purchase and has never been easier to use.

This promotion is going on now until November 30th. Take advantage of this offer and prepare for the upcoming Michigan winter!

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