Chimney Cleaning in Michigan and Ohio

Chimney Cleaning in Michigan Winter is coming to Michigan and Ohio very soon.  Are you ready?  Have you contacted Doctor Flue, inc. about your chimney cleaning needs?

If you plan to use your fireplace this winter, it is very important that your chimney is inspected prior to use.  If your chimney hasn't been cleaned or inspected in a while, you need to call Doctor Flue, inc.!


Burning wood or coal causes water, carbon, and volatiles to condense on the interior surfaces of the chimney flue.  The black, oily residue that builds up inside a chimney is called creosote.

If you use your fireplace throughout a season, creosote deposits can become several inches thick.  This reduces the airflow through the chimney, which can deplete air needed to sustain a fire.

Chimney Fires

Creosote is highly combustible, and a lot of creosote creates a fire hazard.  If a fire is made in a fireplace, the creosote may ignite, causing a chimney fire.  Creosote buildup can be cleaned out by the chimney sweeps at Doctor Flue, inc.

25% of all residential fires in the US are caused by failure to clean out creosote buildup.

Our Services for Chimneys & Fireplaces

The Certified Chimney Sweeps at Doctor Flue, inc., can handle any issues you have concerning your fireplace.

Inspections:  Video inspection equipment is used to verify the integrity of your chimney's lining and interior

Cleaning:  Remove creosote, catch potential fire hazards, catch water damage before it ruins your chimney

Relining:  Chimney liners protect your home from heat transfer to combustible.

Repair:  Doctor Flue, inc. specializes in chimney repairs.  We'll diagnose the problem and fix it.

Fireplace Installation:  Doctor Flue, inc. offers many fireplace services, including consultations, updates, and inserts.

What services are included in your annual chimney cleaning? Info Graphic

Contact Doctor Flue

The CSIA-certified experts here at Doctor Flue offer chimney services and products in Michigan and Ohio and can inspect your chimney and help close it for the season. Contact us today! We’ll get you set up right away, so you can have peace of mind.


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