Don’t Forget Your Fall Chimney Inspection

chimney inspection michiganIt’s that time again: time to get your chimney inspected! An annual chimney inspection helps to reduce the chance of a chimney fire, by reducing the amount of creosote in your flue.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, “Heating fires account for 36% of residential home fires in rural areas every year. Often these fires are due to creosote buildup in chimneys and stovepipes. All home heating systems require regular maintenance to function safely and efficiently.”

Keep Your Chimney Safe and Clean

  • Have your chimney or wood stove inspected and cleaned annually by a certified chimney specialist
  • Clear the area around the chimney of debris, decorations, and flammable materials
  • Leave the doors open to ensure the fire receives enough air to certify complete combustion
  • Close glass doors when the fire is out to contain the smoke
  • Install stovepipe thermometers to help monitor flue temperatures
  • Keep air inlets on wood stoves open, and never restrict air supply to fireplace
  • Use fire-resistant materials on the walls around wood stoves

Inspection Process

Doctor Flue, Inc.® makes it a top priority to clean, inspect, and keep you informed about your chimney. Every detail matters when it comes to your safety. A chimney inspection consists of photos of the chimney’s exterior and a video inspection of your chimney’s lining and interior.

Innovative video equipment is used to view the interior of your chimney and you’re welcome to watch the footage in the comfort of your own home, so you can actually see the issues inside your chimney. “Get your chimney checked because it’s where you live,” as Doc likes to say.

Chimney Inspection Offers:

  • Inspections for New Home Purchases
  • New Appliance Installations
  • Insurance Inspections
  • Water Damage Evaluation and Repairs
  • Masonry Repairs

CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep inspections result in:

  • Catch Potential Fire Hazards
  • Remove Flammable Creosote Deposits
  • Eliminate Smelly Creosote
  • Prevent Any Serious Future Water Damage

Contact Doctor Flue

Has it been over a year since your fireplace has been inspected?  If so, you're due for a checkup!  Remember, "Clean flues don't burn," Doc says.  If your chimney hasn't been inspected for creosote buildup, structural problems, or damage, now is the time.

Contact Doctor Flue if you are in the southeast Michigan or northwest Ohio areas!

Phone: 1-800-438-3583


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