Is Your Stove EPA-Certified?

Gas Stove at DoctorFlue.comIf you warm your home with a wood stove, it is important to make sure it is an EPA-certified stove. If your current model is not EPA-Certified, you may have some questions about why an upgrade is necessary. Fortunately, Doctor Flue is here to answer all of your questions about EPA-certified stoves!

How Do I Know if My Stove is EPA-Certified?

All EPA-certified wood stoves have clearly marked labels on the back. New stoves in stores will also have a white tag that indicates it is EPA-certified. You can also look your model up on the EPA's list of certified wood stoves (PDF).

Can I Have My Current Stove Certified?

No. All certifications are performed by the manufactures before new models are released to stores. All new stoves must have built in pollution control systems to meet the requirements of certification.

Why are EPA-Certified Stoves Better?

EPA-Certified stoves are designed to improve air flow and include better insulation, which keeps smoke levels down by keeping gas and particles inside the stove where they belong. This creates a cleaner burning stove that poses less health risks to you and your loved ones. The efficiency of EPA-Certified stoves also cuts down on creosote buildup, which keeps your family safer by reducing the chances of having a dangerous chimney fire.

Will an EPA-Certified Stove Save Me Money?

Absolutely! Because EPA-certified stoves burn more efficiently, you can expect to use an average of one-third less firewood each year. Unlike older wood stoves, which burn faster and create more chimney smoke, EPA-certified stoves burn most of the smoke, which gives you more heat in your home from the same amount of wood. Less wood usage also results in saved time for you by cutting down your time spent hauling wood.

Although EPA-certified stoves save you money and give you peace of mind with their safer burning abilities, please keep in mind that the EPA still recommends you have your stove, chimney, and vents inspected by a professional every year to make sure everything is in good working order. If you live in southeast Michigan or northwest Ohio and it has been over a year since your last wood stove inspection, it’s time to call Doctor Flue! Call Doctor Flue at 1-800-438-3583 to schedule a professional chimney inspection (you may also schedule an appointment online). Our chimney inspection includes photos of the exterior and a video inspection of the lining and interior.

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